Soups and Stews

Our soups have absolutely no preservatives, just the natural zing of fresh vegetables, sautéd, blended and stirred with a hint of sea salt. We take the hassle out of laborious cooking to give you creamy goodness in a bowl.

Our full-bodied stew is with meat and vegetables using a few cooking methods - cooking in a dutch oven, adding ingredients that have been prepared separately at times and stewing the goodness of everything together. You can be sure the freshest and best ingredients have been selected for these bowls of natural goodness. 

Special Event Pricing is also available upon request, for more information call 97931821.

Tempered to perfection. $7-$9 per bowl. 

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Double Boiled Salted Vegetable Duck Soup with XO

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Lamb Stew (French) Provencal Lamb Daube New

Lamb Stew (French) Provencal Lamb Daube

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