Our Chutneys we lovingly call "relishes" because they are so delicious! They roll off our tongues with ease just like the word, the chutney is cheeky, tantalising and tasty.

We use the small batch process which means we make up to 16 bottles of amazing fruit jams/chutneys per batch – not mass produced with machines but cooked in earthenware pots to give that authentic flavour. Hand stirred, hand poured, sealed with care.

As all our chutneys are all natural with zero preservatives. They last longer when refrigerated. They can keep for weeks this way!

Special Event Pricing is also available upon request, for more information call 97931821.

3 sizzling flavours with more to come. $15 per bottle.

$45 for a pack of 4.

Special discounts available depending on how much you buy. Hampers and Gift packs too.

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Chutneys 3-1 package (4 bottles)

Three flavours of Chutneys - Tango Mango, Pop Pineapple and Rumba Banana, with a fourth bottle of an..


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Tango Mango

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